A Lofty Partnership for Mobius!

April 28, 2011 News

Photo courtesy of Heritage Aviation

When is a conference room exciting?  When the room on the other side of the hallway is a hangar full of airplanes!  Young and old, most of us get excited or inspired at the sight of airplanes.  So when Mobius got a call from Heritage Aviation, it was as if a gift fell from the sky (or maybe flew in, taxied, and parked in the hangar).  Heritage Aviation wanted to partner with Mobius!  We didn’t know much about them, but as we got to know them, we were blown away.

Heritage is a General Aviation facility at the Burlington Airport.  They are an FBO (fixed base operator – that’s pilot-speak for place to park your plane and get fuel and supplies).  They have two hangars, where they rent out space to for private aircraft, and where they house the aircraft that they own and charter out.  They also do repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

As partners with Mobius, Heritage has offered up conference space for Mobius trainings and meetings.  They have several really nice spaces, comfortable and conducive to discussion.  (If you have ever had to sit through a meeting in a room that was not well-lit, or had uncomfortable chairs, or was too warm or too cold, you know what a difference a pleasant meeting space can make.  It can mean the difference between being engaged in the discussion and being completely distracted.)

Heritage has plenty of convenient, free parking.  An added bonus is the chance for a peek in the hangar; and as hangars go, this one is nicer than most.  It almost sparkles, painted white and full of natural light thanks to many skylights, and full of shiny airplanes.   It is a treat to be there!

But this partnership is so much more than a conference room – two of our new friends at Heritage, Julia Atherton and Heather Thibault are becoming mentors!  That in itself is great news for the local mentoring programs, but in addition, there is a wealth of recruiting potential at Heritage because 95 of the 100 employees are male.  In mentoring, that is a big deal because there are twice as many boys waiting for mentors as there are girls.  We are hopeful that Julia and Heather will inspire many of their colleagues to become mentors.

photo courtesy of Heritage Aviation

Partnerships go a long way toward helping Mobius promote mentoring and mentor pair opportunities and activities.  Our new partnership with Heritage Aviation is making mentor training more pleasant, more effective, more convenient, and even more exciting!  Would a tour of hangar be incentive for you to attend a training session or meeting?