Mentors Share Stories and Concerns

May 11, 2011 Mobius

While mentoring can be fun and fulfilling, it can also be quite challenging.  So in response to requests from programs and mentors, Mobius launched a series of follow-up sessions for mentors.  The first one took place May 3 and those in attendance were happy they chose to be there.

Mobius Training Specialist Tracy Treadwell facilitated a conversation with mentors, some of whom have mentored for eight weeks or fewer, and others who have been matched with the same mentee for three-five years. The conversation was inclusive, supportive, and informative.  Mentors described their matches, and shared their concerns, challenges, joys, and accomplishments.  They exchanged advice, thoughts, and clarifying questions.

The top three issues in the conversation were:

  • Cultural differences and sensitivities as well as socio-economic differences
  • Activities for mentor/mentees pairs
  • Problems with consistency, like when the mentee just doesn’t show up

“We all have stories from our matches.  Sometimes we want to share excitement and happy times, other times we need to ask advice/help of someone in a similar situation.  The Mentor Follow-Up Training was a wonderful platform for both of these opportunities.” says Mobius Director of Recruitment and Events, Marissa Wilkens.  A mentor for two years, she and feels like the follow-up session was beneficial to everyone in attendance.  “Each mentor left with a smile and a new idea for the next time they are with their mentee.  Thank you to all who participated.  I know many of us are already looking forward to the next time we meet.  Until then, mentoring works and we’ll continue meeting our mentees each and every week.”

Linda Ayer, a mentor with VSAC’s GEAR UP mentoring program, found the session helpful.   “As in any relationship, there are stages of growth, conflict, and changing goals, and being able to share those experiences in a safe environment with caring people with special expertise has cemented our commitment to the mentoring process as a means of making the world a better place.”

Are you a mentor?  What topics would you like to discuss at the next session?