Mentoring Activities with a Discount – Your Input is Needed!

May 18, 2011 Mobius

Spare Time offers bowling discounts for pairs.      Photo by Marissa Wilkens

If you are a mentor in Chittenden County, you probably already know that the Mobius Card is a terrific resource for finding great activities for you and your mentee, and for making them affordable.

Our partners on the Mobius Card support mentoring by offering discounts on a variety of activities for mentor pairs, and some are even free.  The Mobius Card includes movie and theater discounts.  There are discounts on outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities.  There are free or discounted admissions to museums and other educational venues.

The current Mobius Card is good through September  1, 2011, and we are working on lining up partners for next year’s Mobius Card.  Now you can help us make the card even better, by offering your feedback and suggestions.  If you are a mentor pleases take just a few minutes to take our Mobius Card survey.

         Science Night at ECHO/Leahy Center.           Photo by Meredith Rivlin


Please take the survey by the end of May, when we will use your suggestions to make the next Mobius Card the best yet.   It is really as easy as telling us what activities you and your match enjoy, or what new activities you’d like to try.  Go ahead!  Let us know how Mobius can make mentoring even more fun!