Graduation – Mentoring Can Help Them Get There

June 17, 2011 Mobius

On May 14th, I watched my son graduate from college. What an amazing and wonderful experience. At our celebration dinner later that night, I reminded Ben that though we were indeed so very proud of him, this day wasn’t just about him. It was about all the people in his life that helped him and made it possible for him to cross that stage. He smiled and nodded. I am eternally grateful to all the caring adults who helped my son along the way.

Graduation 2011

How many children dream of going to college someday, but can’t imagine how they could make that happen? How many children don’t even think about going to college, because no one ever suggested that it was possible? I feel pretty sure that the 800 children in Chittenden County who have mentors are thinking about their futures in very optimistic ways because they have one more caring adult in their life telling them that they can. I worry about the children in Chittenden County who don’t have mentors. Who’s telling them what could be?

Maybe you’d like to have some fun with a deserving child and be one of those caring adults that help them along the way. Call Mobius today, and find out how you can help.  Some child, and some parent, will be eternally grateful that you did.


Andrea L. Torello
Mobius Executive Director