Thanks to the Flynn for Sending Mentor Pairs to the Circus!

August 8, 2011 Mobius

Several mentor pairs went to see Zoppe, an Italian Family Circus, thanks to the generosity of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.  This circus was a real treat harkening back to the days of the European traveling circus, all under one tent, all in the family (or a couple of families, actually).  In addition to adult and child acrobats, and a tight-rope walking ballerina, there was a talented troupe of dogs, and even a family dog who ambled around and culled popcorn that fell in the grass under the stands.  Nino, the Clown Prince of Italy proved to be not only comic distraction during set changes; it turns out he is a skilled trapeze artist, bareback rider, and juggler.

Monique Fox and her mentee, Nurto, from the King Street Center, enjoyed it immensely.  “Nurto loved the horses, she’s nuts about horses anyway.”

The family nature of the circus was heartwarming.   It was really inspiring to see the children in the circus families taking active roles, both in the ring, and in the stage-hand duties.   Everyone in this circus helps with both, so when the acrobats are not “on” they are helping prepare equipment and moving props.  They all work together, and they all work hard.  For the audience that means an evening of fun!

Thank you so much to our friends at the Flynn for supporting mentoring in our community by providing tickets to the circus!  It was a terrific mentor pair activity!