Climbing the Mountain

August 31, 2011 News

From the top of Mt. Mansfield – Photo by Marc Shaffer

The day before Hurricane Irene ripped through Vermont, a bunch of us climbed Mt. Mansfield to raise money for mentoring. Mentors, family, friends, staff, Board Members, and Gunner (a German Shorthaired Pointer) made our way up the rather long and steadily steep slope.

“We climbed a mountain for mentoring,” has a nice sound to it, and it’s a phrase that applies to all of us who are dedicated to giving young people the support they need through mentoring. We are all committed to climbing the steep slope of finding enough mentors for all the young people in our community who need and want them. For some of us that means actually being on the mountain that sunny Saturday; for others it means being a mentor; and for many it means being a generous donor who supports the labor intensive work of recruiting, training, and referring mentors.

So what’s on the top of that mountain we are all climbing? I see 3,000 smiling children, each with their own mentor/friend standing beside them. Please help us get there, any way you can. Tell all your friends that you climb mountains for mentoring, and ask them to come along.

Andrea L. Torello, Executive Director of Mobius