The Gift of a Mentor

November 7, 2011 Mobius

Some time ago, my sons and I gave up exchanging Christmas presents and decided instead to donate all the money we would have spent on each other to those we knew were more in need. In the beginning (they were younger then) we took great pleasure pouring over the Heifer Project catalogue and “donating” chickens, rabbits, bees to needy families far away. When I started working at Mobius I came to realize that there was plenty of need in our own back yard. Now, once a year we all sign our names to letters that go to our favorite local nonprofits, who are doing wonderful things right here in our community.  It’s one of my favorite things about “the giving season.”

I know some people groan when they see all those annual appeal packages in their mailbox, but I love hearing from all my favorite charities. I am inspired by their stories of triumph. And though I am sad to read about the unmet need and I wish my donations could be bigger, I also know there is good news. U.S. charitable contributions have exceeded $200 billion dollars for many years now.

American’s give away more money that the total economy of most countries. And eighty to ninety percent of donated dollars come from generous individuals – like you, and like me. Seven out of ten people I know, including my sweet sons, my generous husband, friends, neighbors, and colleagues -all contribute to charitable causes. So I may be only one person, but I am part of a very special and very large group of people who are definitely making a difference.

From now until December 31st, I am in the position of asking you to join the 80 percent of generous individuals who give, and to make Mobius one of your favorite nonprofits. You don’t have to give up exchanging Christmas presents; but I do hope you will consider turning your appreciation into support by donating this year. And you can feel really good about this – your donation will be used to help us recruit and train a new mentor, and that’s the very best present any child could get this giving season.


Andrea L. Torello, Executive Director of Mobius