The Continuous Loop of Mentoring

December 6, 2011 Mobius

Do you know what happens to a Mobius loop if you cut it in half lengthwise?  It doubles, and the two loops are connected!  Our dear friends Gail and Bob Neale showed us that little trick.  You can easily do this at home with a strip of paper, a piece of tape, and a pair of scissors.

My point is, this is how easily we can all participate in creating a culture of mentoring in our community.  All it takes is for you to recommend another person to become a mentor.  Bingo! Two people, connected, growing the mentoring movement. Most importantly, one more child is having fun with the mentor he/she has been waiting for.

Our goal for 2011 was to recruit 150 new mentors.  We are at 148d.  We have 16 days left to find 2 more mentors.  Please help us.  All we need is for you to send Marissa, our Director of Recruitment, the name of one fun loving person who wants to share one hour, once a week in the company of a deserving child. Become part of the continuous loop of mentoring – call us today.  658-1888 or [email protected].


Andrea L. Torello, Executive Director of Mobius