Bullying, Sexuality, and Trauma are Tricky Conversations

December 9, 2011 Mobius

Diane Gottlieb, Ph.D., M.S.W., and Linda Wackerman M.S.W.

The greatest challenges to mentors include difficult discussions with mentees – about bullying, about sex and sexuality, about dealing with trauma.  It was only natural for Mobius to address those difficult conversations as a part of the Mentor Support Series.  Dr. Diane Gottlieb and her colleague Linda Wackerman offered great counsel for a group of mentors that gathered at Heritage Aviation for the program.

“Talking with Your Mentee: Tools for Difficult Conversations,” was the title of the presentation, which included on-line video vignettes, and a really helpful discussion that included a great deal of interaction on the part of the mentors in attendance.

“It was powerful for me,” said Spectrum mentor Esther Lotz. “I know now that it is helpful for [my mentee] to tell her story, to encourage her to talk about it so that she will feel like less of a victim.” Previous Mentor Support Series topics included substance abuse.  Upcoming programs will address cultural diversity and socio-economic differences.

What conversations do you find difficult to have with your mentee?  What topics would you like Mobius to offer in upcoming Mentor Support meetings?