300 is the Magic Number

January 4, 2012 Mobius

We made our goal for 2011!  With the help of many wonderful volunteers, a great board, steadfast donors, and many new business partners, Mobius successfully recruited 151 volunteers who were referred to mentoring programs in our community in 2011!  The challenge is now on for 2012, and  300 is the magic number.  That’s right!  Mobius hopes to recruit and refer 300 new volunteers to mentoring programs this year.

You might wonder why the goal is doubled from 2011?  Quite honestly, it has to be done because the need is so great.  We think that goal is possible because, in addition to the wonderful continuing support of our volunteers, our board, our donors, and our partners, two grants are making it possible to significantly enhance our recruitment efforts.

Last year Spike Advertising selected Mobius as the recipient of their “Advertising Gone Good” grant, and the geniuses at Spike continue to develop a campaign to help us reach potential mentors.  And recently Mobius received a grant from Jane’s Trust that will provide resources to implement the new campaign.

The entire staff of Mobius is excited about the challenging work ahead.  The result will be more young people with mentors, and a stronger, safer, and healthier community.

Are you ready to become a mentor?