Strikes, Spares, Bumpers, and Fun!

February 6, 2012 Mobius

Kristen Hayden-West with some HowardCenter Community Friends Pairs

Some of us only bowl once a year.  But what a great time it is when that once a year is the annual mentor pair bowling party that winds up Mobius’ National Mentoring Month festivities!

This year’s bowling party was a big hit with all.  Thirty or so pairs from four programs came out and showed off their skills (or their eagerness to develop their bowling skills).   Mentees ranged in age from  6 to   17.   Mentors ranged…let’s just say we ranged in bowling skill levels from some who get quite a few strikes and spares to “I need bumpers, too.”

King Street pair, Nurto and mentor Monique Fox

Bowling is an activity that some pairs do from time to time, thanks to Spare Time’s generosity as a Mobius Card partner.  But it was especially fun to bowl with so many other pairs.  The pizza and soda were were crowd-pleasers.  But for the mentors, perhaps the best part was the delight in the faces of their mentees when all the pins fell, or even if most of the pins fell down.

Spectrum Mentor Colleen Montgomery and Samantha

“We all enjoyed watching the little girls from King Street hugging the bowling ball with both arms to carry it over to the lane.  We were bowling for fun, not to be competitive.”  Spectrum mentor, Colleen Montgomery.

“As program coordinator of the mentoring program at Spectrum, attending the bowling party at Spare Time is just the kind of event that fuels my commitment. It combines the positive power  that the mentors give to their mentees, the generosity of community businesses, like Spare Time and the sheer joy of kids who are thriving because of having a mentor. The sum is much greater than the parts, a combined effort that touches and  changes the way these  kids view themselves and their futures.” Spectrum Program Coordinator Dee Johnson.

The bowling party was a great success.  If you are not a mentor, we’d love to talk to you about becoming one.  Then you can bowl with us next year.  [email protected].

Is it a strike? King Street Center mentee, Hannah, watches to see.

King Street Mentor, Emily Kittredge

Emily Kittredge, Hannah, and Makayla (King Street)