Dream is the Theme

February 21, 2012 Mobius

Muna made this monkey face, a gift for a special friend.

Dream was the theme of the February Dinner and Art class at Shelburne Art Center, and the mentees and mentors participating had a great time expressing their dreams in clay.  For several months the Shelburne Art Center and clay artist Rik Rolla have graciously invited mentor pairs to come in and work on pottery projects.  In the past matches have worked on plates, mugs, and luminaries.

This month Rik offered up a challenge to choose a project and make it express a dream.  Pairs from the Dream Program and Spectrum took advantage of this terrific opportunity to be creative.  Busy hands smoothed clay, joined pieces (carefully ‘scoring’ and wetting the edges to make them stay together).  They etched textures and designs, and some etched their names.  They painted color ‘slips’ on the plates, mugs, and objets d’art.

One made a mug big enough to drink soup from.  The dream theme may have gotten a bit lost, but the enthusiasm for being creative and making something was in full force.

Clay artist and teacher extraordinaire Rik Rolla

The next Dinner and Art is Monday, March 19.  If you haven’t participated, try it next month.  The projects are always fun.  Rik is a wonderful teacher (with the patience of a saint).  It is a great activity for mentor and mentee.  Are you up for it?