Recent Mentoring Events: May 2016

June 21, 2016 Mentoring Events

Each month, Mobius creates a blog post highlighting mentoring program events from around the state. Would you like to see your event listed here (and referenced in Vermont’s Mentoring Newsletter)? Email [email protected] with a write-up that includes the location and date of your event, as well as a summary of what happened. Photos are strongly encouraged!

Twinfield Together’s Car Wash Fundraiser – May 21, 2016

Twinfield Together Mentoring Car Wash 2016

A huge thank you Jim of Black Bear Biodiesel for hosting Twinfield Together Mentoring Program for our second car wash fundraiser.  We had a great time washing cars together on a beautiful May day.  We even got a bonus donation from a generous community member for giving his truck the best wash that truck has ever seen.  Thanks to a supportive community for helping our families and youth raise funds, sending a message to our funders that we are an important part of our community.  Check out the TTMP website for a slideshow of pictures. (Pam Quinn, Mentoring Coordinator)