Core Values

Mobius Core Values



We approach our work with a flexible and open mindset in order to best meet the needs of Vermont youth. We will always be innovative, while maintaining the sustainability of the organization.

Benefiting Youth

We maintain a steadfast belief in mentoring, while supporting positive youth development. We believe this development includes safety, security, and enjoyment of childhood.


We recognize that many factors contribute to an individual’s sense of identity and we aim to be sensitive to these differences and be inclusive in all aspects of our work. This understanding helps us to support all youth in our communities.

Passion and Enjoyment of Work

We foster a fun work environment so that staff members enjoy their jobs and are passionate about their work. All staff volunteer as mentors to stay grounded in the organization’s mission and gain gratifying personal and professional experiences.

Supportive Community

We encourage collaboration within Mobius and with the organizations and communities with which we work. We actively participate in the exchange of resources so that communities can best support their youth.


We believe that clear, consistent, open, and honest communication is necessary to build trust and understanding in all of our relationships. Confidentiality is important in terms of personal matters, but all other information, decisions, reasons, and intents should flow freely to everyone involved in the organization.