Angelique and Darcie

Update during the COVID-19 Pandemic: “Initially at the beginning of the pandemic, staying connected was a bit of a challenge as, like everyone else, we were all struggling to figure out how to move forward with school, work, technology, etc. in the ‘new normal.’ Phone calls and texts served as the connection during the first few months. However, we all know as mentors that nothing compares to the face-to-face in-person interactions that we previously shared.

It was the middle of June when the go-ahead was given to meet in person while following specific safety precautions and guidelines. Some highlights for Angelique and Darcie this summer have included meeting at parks to create watercolor paintings and collages, making slime, watching videos on the iPad, and more recently going for breakfast, lunch, and shakes, and Darcie’s discovery of cremees! Going for drives and shopping for school clothes are also some recent activities.

Match meetings and interactions between mentors and mentees are so very beneficial and important in the best of times. This connection is particularly crucial now during this pandemic not only for the mentee, but the mentor as well!”

About This Match: Angelique and Darcie have been a match since the beginning of June 2018 and truly epitomize all of the positive benefits that mentoring has to offer. A level of trust has been established whereas Darcie identifies Angelique as someone she can talk to about the “tough stuff” when she does not feel comfortable talking with others and has referred to Angelique as her “actual big sister.” Also a benefit of this established trust is Darcie’s willingness to now go to new places and try certain things that she had been adamant about not doing previous to this relationship. Angelique states, “I think she’s opened up more to new experiences and people as long as she feels prepared or has someone she can trust there.”

“This relationship has opened my eyes to what being a positive role model can mean,” says Angelique. “Darcie is a spitfire with incredible personality and heart. At times, she gets caught up in her fear of being hurt, judged, or letting others in and thus can come off as hard or defiant, but has blossomed in many ways throughout our time together. Ultimately, our mentor/mentee relationship resembles I think the ups and downs of who Darcie is and can become with support and encouragement. I only hope moving forward that I can continue to be that positive influence for her and look forward to mentoring her further.”

Name of Mentor: Angelique Parks
Name of Mentee: Darcie
Mentoring Program: Mentoring at UCS
Program Type: School and Community-Based
Length of Their Match: 1.5 years
Age of Mentee: 12

Additional Contributions to the Program:
Angelique is incredibly wonderful in terms of communication! Whether seeking support, advice, sharing concerns, recording in Civicore, or RSVPing to event announcements she is spot on!! It is my hope that she will consider speaking at orientations and/or trainings on the importance of communication with your mentoring staff.

Angelique and Darcie were nominated as Ambassadors for Mentoring by Laurie Sallisky, program coordinator for Mentoring at UCS, and honored by Comcast at the January 2020 Mentoring Celebration

Carolyn and Lillian were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2020 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!