Carolyn and Lillian

Update during the COVID-19 Pandemic:
“Lillian and I have a weekly 5:30 call on Sundays to check in. We’ve been sending each other poems, a nature photo of the day, and video of a weekly dog trick.” -Carolyn

“My daughter is holding up pretty great considering. She’s pretty strongly introverted so she does okay with all the extra time at home. We’re good on internet and all needed supplies for hunkering down safely at home. She and Carolyn have been doing weekly calls and doing creative, fun activities together, apart. Examples: teaching and recording their dogs doing a new trick and taking a nature photo each day throughout the week. It’s been great!” -Lillian’s Mom

About This Match: Carolyn Grodinsky has volunteered as a mentor in Girls/Boyz First Mentoring for 18 years. During this period, she has mentored five girls.

Carolyn has been mentoring Lillian, her fifth mentee for the past 3.5 years. They were matched not long after Lillian’s parents divorced. Lillian is an only child. Carolyn is single and has no children of her own. Both Carolyn and Lillian love animals, knitting and crafts and being outside in nature. They also both enjoy cooking and baking and doing community service projects to help others.

Lillian is a little shy and Carolyn is an extrovert and has lived in the central Vermont community for almost 30 years. Through her mentoring relationship with Carolyn, Lillian has had an extra adult to take her on nature adventures, catching frogs, finding new swimming holes to explore, someone to bake and cook with and to introduce her to elderly neighbors in need of some companionship. Carolyn has a great sense of humor and a gigantic heart and always has a dog or cat at home to snuggle with and play with or a need to run up to the local animal shelter to volunteer as a respite home provider for an elderly or needy dog.
Together, this pair has forged a solid mentoring relationship. Lillian is now a confident and busy 8th grader, involved in theater and extra curricular middle school activities and friendships and Carolyn has yet another mentee to add to her family of mentees.

Name of Mentor: Carolyn Grodinsky
Name of Mentee: Lillian
Mentoring Program: Girls/Boyz First Mentoring
Program Type: Community-Based
Length of Their Match: 3.5 years
Age of Mentee: 13

Additional Contributions to the Program:
Carolyn has helped recruit and support other new mentors. She has spread her love of mentoring to her friends, colleagues and neighbors. She is very active and super enthusiastic about participating in favorite and new group activities with her mentees, be it picking up trash for Green Up Day, participating with the mentees in comedy improv classes or community service projects such as helping elderly neighbors. Carolyn is always willing to bend over backwards to promote mentoring in central Vermont.

Carolyn and Lillian were nominated as Ambassadors for Mentoring by Wendy Freundlich, coordinator of Girls/Boyz First Mentoring

Carolyn and Lillian were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2020 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!