Donna and Adam

Donna and Adam have been paired together for four years through the Twinfield Together Mentoring Program.

Donna has been an amazing friend to her mentee Adam for four years. Adam and Donna’s friendship started when Adam was in second grade, and a new student at Twinfield School. Adam was an energetic boy, and Donna was the perfect match for his energy. Having a special friend come in once a week was a fun way for Adam to get used to his new school and community. Through Everybody Wins! at Twinfield, Donna would come into school weekly and read books, bring creatures from her garden to examine, play a board game, or build paper airplanes.

As their friendship grew, so did their ideas of what to do together. Donna and Adam both love being outside and making things, so they decided to join our community-based program and expand their activity options. They now meet in both our Everybody Wins! and community-based programs (Donna wasn’t quite ready to give up her connection of coming into the school). Now you can find Donna and Adam reading books and coming up with a building project in the school library one week and then they are actively working on that project at Donna’s house the following week. Adam and Donna’s friendship is a reminder of the importance of intergenerational friendships for the mentor, mentee, and our whole community. Donna is caring, consistent and she has a great sense of humor. As Adam says, “Donna is really fun and creative!”

-Pam Quinn, mentoring coordinator for Twinfield Together Mentoring

Donna was a 2019 Vermont Mentor of the Year nominee