Halima & Premila

Halima and Premila met when Halima was in elementary school. Now a junior in High School, the pair enjoy a variety of activities and learn from each other. They celebrate their anniversary every year with red velvet cake!

Name of Mentee: Halima
Name of Mentor: Premila Peters
Mentoring Program: King Street Center
Program Type: Community-Based
Length of Their Match: 8 years
Age of Mentee: 17

About This Match:

The Mentee

For Halima, having a mentor has meant having a constant, older friend to talk with, share life experiences, use as a sounding board, and someone to turn to when needed. Halima met Premila when she was in elementary school. She is now 17 and a junior in high school. Through the years they have cooked, baked, listened to music, shopped, enjoyed bird watching, watched movies, eaten international cuisines and giggled – a lot!

The Mentor

Premila describes not only the added sense of purpose to her life, but learning, “Modern music and dance moves, cool apps, and how new American families and youth navigate between two worlds and two cultures.” This match often finds themselves talking about family, friends, school, and various other interests. Premila has watched Halima navigate the complicated years of adolescence and has been there to help her manage life’s ups and downs, as well as discover interests, strengths, and passions. Premila describes the gift of mentoring, “Watching Halima grow into a young, beautiful, confident woman and helping, to whatever extent possible, to find her place in this world as an adult. My wish for Halima is that she channels her talents, intelligence and smarts towards something that fulfills her and provides her a rewarding life.”

Matched 8 years now, they celebrate their anniversary, as they do every year, with a red velvet cake.

Halima and Premila were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2022 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!