Kira and Maggie

Kira and Maggie have been paired together for two years through the Community Friends mentoring program.

Kira brings passion and skills in supporting her mentee, Maggie, and the Community Friends mentoring program, at large. Kira is the lead student coordinator of the Community Friends program, run through the Middlebury College Center for Community Engagement, and she led the growth of the program from 70 to 130 mentoring pairs this fall. She accomplished this through strong networking, outreach, training, and matching efforts, and by fostering a truly collaborative team of fellow student leaders. She engaged with logistical and relational challenges to support these changes, bringing necessary patience and dedication to the process.

This hard work was fueled by Kira’s deep care for children and the joy she finds in helping establish more quality mentoring relationships. While playing a significant role in supporting the program, in addition to her roles as a varsity basketball player and full-time student, Kira has continued to meet and connect with her mentee, Maggie. Kira brings creativity and thoughtfulness to each of her weekly meetings with Maggie, and also provides a newsletter full of weekly ideas for the other 129 mentoring pairs of fun things to do in the area. Kira communicates with Maggie with respect for Maggie’s ideas and appreciation for Maggie’s unique interests. Kira’s embrace of playfulness leads to ease in their connection.

Maggie and Kira also appreciate that they’re continuing a tradition–Maggie’s mom had been a mentee in Community Friends program during her youth. Kira helped facilitate a new mentoring match for Maggie’s brother this fall, too! Thank you, Kira.

-Kailee Brickner-McDonald, Community Friends mentoring program 

Kira was a 2019 Vermont Mentor of the Year nominee