Laura and April

Laura and April have been paired together for 4 years through Franklin County Caring Communities 

Laura, who is employed by Customs and Border Protection, has been an amazing mentor to April for almost 4 years. She started mentoring her current mentee just after April turned 12. Laura and April have met consistently for just under 4 years (4 years at the end of January) and have also been regulars at mentor group celebrations and events during that time. They are a great pair, so different in many ways but sharing key common interests that keep them bonded. In addition to the regular mentoring activities like walking their dogs, eating a meal, playing games, and watching movies, they’ve walked the trails of the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge, summited a mountain with Rise Vermont, kayaked, participated in a Zombie Run, and visited Johnson State College. 

Laura has been with her mentee through the ups and downs of early adolescence, challenging times in grade school, the transition from middle school to high school, the loss of family members, and her own (Laura’s) wedding. April’s mother expresses gratitude for Laura for her support of April and her respect for parental boundaries and rules. For her part, Laura has introduced April to members of her family, including her grandmother, whom April loves to visit, her parents, and her husband. Much of their time together involves talking about feelings, choices, and thinking about the future. 

-Beth Crane, executive director of Franklin County Caring Communities

Laura was a 2018 Vermont Mentor of the Year nominee