Lucca & Johanna

Although they are a new match, Lucca and Johanna have developed a great bond. Through mentoring, Lucca has become very confident and is always willing to help their fellow students and teachers. Lucca and Johanna enjoy doing arts and crafts with each other, talk about shared interests, and enjoy spending time together!

Name of Mentee: Lucca
Name of Mentor: Johanna Davis
Mentoring Program: The Collaborative
Program Type: School-Based
Length of Their Match: 4 .5 months
Age of Mentee: 9


About This Match:

The Mentee

Lucca is a new mentee to The Collaborative’s mentor program. Lucca expressed interest in the program early on in the school year. With the help of her mentor, Lucca has shown growth in the classroom and is always willing to help other students and adults. Lucca’s mentor has given her another positive role model in her life, which has improved her social, emotional, and life skills. She now can express her thoughts and opinions freely, which is wonderful!

The Mentor

Johanna is a returning mentor to our program! She is also a 3rd grade teacher Flood brook school, where The Collaborative is located. Johanna’s bond with Lucca has been able to withstand schedule changes and other issues related to the challenging times that we are in. Every time they meet, Lucca and Johanna are very enthusiastic to see each other. They love to do arts and crafts with each other! Joanna’s position at the school allows them to check in with each other throughout the week, which has strengthened their mentorship.

Lucca and Johanna were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2022 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!