Mckenna & Deb

Mckenna and Deb have maintained their match not just over 4 years, but through school-changes though. Mckenna enjoys trying new activities with Deb, and sharing her opinions through open and honest discussion. Through the program, they have become great friends.

Name of Mentee: Mckenna
Name of Mentor: Deb Barnwell
Mentoring Program: Twinfield Together Mentoring Program
Program Type: Community/School-Based
Length of Their Match: 4 years
Age of Mentee: 14

About This Match:

The Mentee

When asked about her mentor, Mckenna said, “My mentor Deb Barnwell has been my mentor since I was in 4th grade. When I heard she could still see me while transferring schools it made me really happy, and she was very flexible with the school change. She has helped me throughout the years with some important life skills while allowing me to explore new concepts and indulge in something I liked, which is art. She has also been someone who I can openly talk to about issues and give her honest opinion which builds on the idea I may have about that issue. She has allowed me to explore concepts and activities that I may have not been able to explore without her; some being baking, sewing, and certain types of art. I am grateful for everything she does and I am glad to have her as my mentor.”

The Mentor

About her relationship with Mckenna, Deb says, “My Mentee is a feisty, lively, quirky young lady that I am very glad to call my friend. When I first became a mentor Pam inquired what kind of kid I’d work best with. I requested the adjectives I just listed above and Pam delivered and we couldn’t be a better match! As my mentee has grown, from age 10 – now 14, our activities have evolved and keep getting better. It’s been fun to watch our projects move from making Slime to going for hot chocolate and antiquing. Someday I hope we’re still meeting up for coffee and catching up. She’s been a fun friend to get out and do things with.”

Mckenna and Deb were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2022 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!