Ruth and Maddie

Ruth and Maddie have been paired together since the fall of 2011, through Milton Mentors.

How would you describe your relationship?

R: I would describe our relationship as flexible and caring. Maddie is a gem, and I have known from the start that I was very fortunate to have been paired with her. I knew her as a student before we were paired, so I knew I was getting a sweetheart of a mentee. She is friendly, warm and respectful. She takes nothing for granted.
M: It is perfect because we have a family-like relationship.

What makes you two similar? What makes you different? 

M: We both like a lot of the same things. 
R: We are both laid back, flexible and fairly outgoing. We both like to try new things, but also cherish our “traditions,” such as a summer trip to Jay Peak and a return from the mountain via Jeffersonville so that we can stop at our ice cream stand. I love to read. It’s hard to get me to stop. Maddie is a little millennial child, and she loves her phone and i-pad. 

How has your relationship changed over time? 

M: At first we didn’t know what we both liked, but now we know each other so well.
R: It just keeps getting better. She has always found it easy to trust me. Our roots just keep getting deeper. 

Maddie, how has having a mentor impacted your life? 

Having a mentor makes me so happy and it has impacted my life in 
many ways just from having more to do and spending quality time with her.

Ruth, how has being a mentor impacted your life? 

My youngest child is 25 years old and all of my four children live out of state. Maddie keeps me young by going to movies with me and having outings such as our trip to Jay Peak. I don’t allow myself a great deal of “down time” and little things like being regulars at a local diner are as relaxing for me as they are for her. 
I would not have missed this experience for the world.


Ruth was a 2018 Vermont Mentor of the Year nominee