Nevaeh & Amy

Nevaeh looks forward to spending time with Amy every week, where they work on math, reading, and introducing each other to new books, games, and crafts. They also love taking walks with Amy’s dogs to just connect and spend time with each other.

Name of Mentee: Nevaeh
Name of Mentor: Amy Daigle
Mentoring Program: Windsor Central Empower UP! Mentoring Program
Program Type: School-Based
Length of Their Match: 3 Years
Age of Mentee: 12

About This Match:

The Mentee

Nevaeh’s grandmother says that, “It’s been a huge impact on Nevaeh. She looks forward to every Wednesday with Amy. Amy helps with her reading and math, which has improved. Nevaeh loves her one on one time with Amy. Amy is a wonderful mentor.” Amy has been a consistent, positive adult in Nevaeh’s life and is committed and caring as a mentor.

The Mentor

Amy says, “I knew I wanted to get involved in the community and make a difference. I knew I wanted the experience to be in the local elementary school and for that commitment to be meaningful. The older you get you to realize that the most important gift you can give to someone is “time”. So I wanted to give my time and have a relationship with a child who may need another adult in their life. Luckily, I was matched with Nevaeh – a 3rd grader at the time – in Killington Elementary School. We began meeting every week. At first, we were not sure what this was going to look like. But, we figured it out. We learned about each other – what we like, don’t like, and introduced each other to new books, games, animals, crafts, and frequent walks with my dogs. For a lot of our time together we just walk and talk. It’s our special time in the week to take a break from class and work and just connect.”

Nevaeh and Amy were honored by Comcast and MENTOR Vermont as 2022 Vermont Ambassadors of Mentoring!