Susan and Izzy

Susan and Izzy have been paired together for 10 years, through the Starksboro Mentoring Program.

Susan is the quintessential mentor. She is creative, fun, interesting, kind, resourceful, encouraging and dedicated to her mentees.

She was matched with Izzy 10 years ago when Izzy was in first grade. Their relationship immediately blossomed with Susan’s love and encouragement. Together they have enjoyed crafts, cooking, games, group events and excursions. Susan helped Izzy pursue an interest she had learned in science class and together they made lip balms. Susan helped Izzy with resources for creating the product, and adding scents. She also assisted her with labels, containers, finally in setting a price based on the amount it cost them to make the balms. 

Izzy is now an involved 16-year-old student and cross country and track runner in the 10th grade. Recently, when visiting Izzy’s house, she discovered a bulletin board in her room that was covered with postcards Susan had sent to her during her travels and a big portrait of Susan.

Susan is now doing “double time” and mentoring two Isabellas! Her new second grader says of Susan: “we are both nice, we are both good at math and we both wear glasses. This is why we were matched. We have so much in common!” Susan has adapted to her new Isabella’s interest in playing Connect 4, and doing math problems. In addition to Susan’s dedication to the two Isabellas, she also spends time serving on the Starksboro Mentoring Advisory Board and helping with the finances and budgeting for the program.

– Amy Johnson, mentoring coordinator for Starksboro Mentoring Program 

Susan was a 2019 Vermont Mentor of the Year nominee