Vermont Mentoring Database

Vermont Mentoring Database


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About the Database

Since 2013, Mobius has managed the Vermont Mentoring Database, a mentoring program data management system built by CiviCore and based on feedback and direct input from mentoring programs, funders, and Mobius staff.  Mobius manages this system, helps new programs join, and provides ongoing trainings and technical support for users.  To learn more about the system, we encourage you to watch the introductory webinar below.


Two Levels of Access to the System

  1. A free account (available to all mentoring programs in the state) which many of you have already used or are currently using to update information about your programs and agencies for your pages in the statewide mentoring directory, apply for grant funding from Mobius, and download application and survey templates.
  2. A paid annual account (view our pricing details) which will allow you to store and track ongoing information about your mentors and mentees, including valuable demographic and outcome data.  You will be able to manage match information, and mentors will both be able to apply and submit information about their mentoring sessions through the system. We are now bringing interested programs on board to the full (paid) version of the system.  If you are interested in signing up, please contact [email protected]

Additional Resources

Basic (Free) User Guide for Vermont Mentoring Database
Look for a full version of the User Guide coming this Spring!


We are grateful to our partners at the A.D. Henderson Foundation, who funded the design and first year of implementation of the system. The pricing structure, which went into effect in April 2014, was developed based on input from programs who were willing to pay for a database but were unable to afford the cost of the national mentoring database, and was reviewed by the statewide members of the Program Leadership Council.  The program fees allow Mobius to pay for CiviCore’s annual fee for hosting and maintaining the system, as well as create future additions to the system based on program feedback and needs.