Make a donation to MENTOR Vermont (a 501(c)3 tax-deductible charity) today!

1: Donate Online
2: Donate by Mail

Donations by Mail:
Please send a check addressed to MENTOR Vermont to:

MENTOR Vermont
19 Marble Avenue, Suite 4
Burlington, VT 05401

3: Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

Giving stock to MENTOR Vermont is a great way to increase your support of youth mentoring in Vermont.

The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock:

MENTOR Vermont’s Account:
Morgan Stanley LLC
DTC #0015
For Benefit of: MENTOR Vermont
Account Number: 383-109792
Tax ID: 02-0658483

MENTOR Vermont’s Representative:
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
Physical Address:
105 West View Road, 5th Floor,
Colchester, VT 05446
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1095,
Burlington, VT 05402-1095
Attn: Annie Strout
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (802) 652-6011

To ensure proper credit, please contact Chad Butt when you make a gift.
By phone: (802) 658-1888
By email: [email protected]

4: 2019-2020 Donors

Thank you to all of our generous 2019-2020 donors!
Haven’t donated yet? There’s still time to make a difference!
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(* indicates monthly donor)

Steve Adams*
Adams Farm & Market
Dolores Ahern
Steve Aikenhead
Don & Cheryl Appe
Ronni & Jonathan Arden
Bradley Bate
James & Judith Bernat
Paul & Paige Biggs
Cynthia Briggs
Don & Linda Buirley
Juli Buirley Wright
Chad & Christina Butt*
Rex & Karen Butt*
Tony Cairns
Sarah Caliendo
Christina & Thomas Cavin
Christian Chorba
Chroma Optics
Chip & Mary Chiappinelli
Karen Clark
David Coates
Robert Cooper
Ben & Eleanor Correa
Amy Cunningham
Ellen & Pascal Cushing
Chip & Debra Danker
The Derrick & Lynn Davis Charitable Fund
Pat & Sally DeLeon
Jay & Mary Dietrich
Shon DiGugielmo
Elizabeth Dunbar
Jane Ewing
Jen Fabiano
M. Beth Fastiggi
Bonnie Ferro
Elaine Fiske
Mike Foote & Rachel Brodie
Kelsey Formalarie
Nate Formalarie*
Edward Gale
Jaime Garamella & Joyce Kung
Joan Goldstein
Merrick Grutchfield
Alexa Hansen
Jonathan Harris
David & Anne Hauke
Erik Hoekstra & Kortnee Bush
Main Street Landing Company
Marilyn Jarvill
Kate Keough*
Rachel Keyes
Toby Knox & Kathryn Boardman
Pete Land & Emily Copeland
Stuart & Barbara Lande Bronfman
Andrew Lassiter
Patrick & Lisa Leduc
Mike & Vicki Loner*
Bill Mathis
Judith & Edward Mayer
Margot Mayor
Karen McAndrew Allen
Jeffrey & Lucinda McKechnie
Aron Merrill & Sascha Mayer
Barbara Miller
Lindsay Miller
Jennifer & Scott Miller
Eric & Helene Mishara
Scott & Lauren Mishara
Montgomery & Granai
J Garvan & Nicole Murtha
John Nixon
Rich Palese
Thomas & Nancy Perkins
Lisa Pettrey-Gill
Mary Pierce
James Pizzagalli
Maggie & Jon Potter
Corey Premo
Pam Quinn
Will & Lynette Raap
Catherine Regan
Jeri Regan
Jenn Regan
Andrea Rogers
Deborah Safran
Kate & Bill Schubart
Marc Sherman
Bradford Smith
Peter Sokol-Hessner & Chessy Brady
Elizabeth Steele
Benji Thurber*
Benjamin & Beverly Thurber
Edward Thurmond
William Tobey
Maida Townsend
Gabriella Tufo Strouse
Susan Ward
Thomas Ward
Larry Williams Jr.
Heather Winther
James Wood
Jin & Jenn Yoon

Foundational/Government Support:

A.D. Henderson Foundation
Hoehl Family Foundation
Lake Family Foundation
Louise, Judith and Edgar May Foundation
J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation
Mendell Family Fund
Francis T. & Louise T. Nichols Foundation
People’s United Community Foundation
Vermont Department for Children and Families

Vermont Mentoring Month Business Sponsors:

Ambassadors of Mentoring Sponsor:

Statehouse Celebration Sponsors:

Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsors:

Mentoring Supporter Sponsors:

Additional Support From:

Forest Park Realty/O’Brien Brothers

Tamarack Media

Union Mutual of Vermont

5: MENTOR Vermont Financials

For more information about MENTOR Vermont’s financials, visit the Annual Reports and Financials section.