Make a donation to MENTOR Vermont (a 501(c)3 tax-deductible charity) today!

1: Donate Online
2: Donate by Mail

Donations by Mail:
Please send a check addressed to MENTOR Vermont to:

MENTOR Vermont
19 Marble Avenue, Suite 4
Burlington, VT 05401

3: Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

Giving stock to MENTOR Vermont is a great way to increase your support of youth mentoring in Vermont.

The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock:

MENTOR Vermont’s Account:
Morgan Stanley LLC
DTC #0015
For Benefit of: MENTOR Vermont
Account Number: 383-109792
Tax ID: 02-0658483

MENTOR Vermont’s Representative:
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
Physical Address:
105 West View Road, 5th Floor,
Colchester, VT 05446
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1095,
Burlington, VT 05402-1095
Attn: Annie Strout
Phone: (802) 652-6011

To ensure proper credit, please contact Chad Butt when you make a gift.
By phone: (802) 658-1888
By email:

4: 2021-2022 Donors

Thank you to all of our generous 2021-2022 donors!
Haven’t donated yet? There’s still time to make a difference!
Make a Donation!

(* indicates monthly donor)

Steve Adams*
Steve Aikenhead
Kim and Joe Antonioli
Don & Cheryl Appe
Christine Auriemma
D. Bradley Bate
James and Judith Bernat
Paul Biggs
Don and Linda Buirley
Chad & Christina Butt*
Rex & Karen Butt*
Tony Cairns
Lizzie Cappuzzo
Chip & Mary Chiappinelli
Karen Clark
Robert F. Cooper
Ben & Eleanor Correa
Amy Cunningham
Patrick & Sally DeLeon
Shon DiGuglielmo
Kimberley Diemond
Ernst & Young
Jane Ewan
Liz Ewan
Jen Fabiano
Beth Fastiggi
Joshua Ferguson
Elaine Fiske (in honor of Toby Knox)
Madeleine Foord (in honor of Peg Brakeley)
Mike Foote & Rachel Brodie
Nate Formalarie*
Allison Fraizer
Edward Gale
Devon Green
Mark and Marilyn Haag
Alexa Hansen
Ronald Harden & Joyce Jenkins-Harden
Jonathan Harris
David & Anne Hauke
Erik Hoekstra
Chris Howell
Peter and Mary Ingvoldstad
Toby Knox & Kathryn Boardman
Pete Land & Emily Copeland
Ariane Lewis
Emily Listowich*
Mike & Vicki Loner
Carol Macy
Main Street Landing Company
Natalie Mannherz
Brenda McKean
Chris McVeigh
Eric and Helen Mishara
Scott and Lauren Mishara
Montgomery & Granai PC
Nixon-Reed Charitable Account
Rich Palese
Tom & Nancy Perkins
Mary Pierce
James Pizzagalli
Will and Lynette Raap
Catherine Regan
Geraldine Regan
Jenn Regan
Kate Sama
William and Katherine Schubart
Elizabeth Segal
Daniel Shearer and Jen Lazar
Marc Sherman
Brad Smith
Daniel Smith
Pete Sokol-Hessner
Elizabeth Steele
Stowe Dental Associates
Anne Sullivan
Peter Swift and Diana McCargo
Jeff Szatkowski
Benji Thurber*
Beverly and Ben Thurber
William Tobey
Alex Torres
Maida Townsend
Carleen Tufo
Gabriella Tufo Strouse
Hope Ward
Susan Ward
Larry and Leslie Williams
Sandy Wynne
Jin Yoon

Foundational/Government Support:

A.D. Henderson Foundation
Argosy Foundation
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Honey Pot Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation
National Life Group Foundation
The Nichols Foundation
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
People’s United Community Foundation
Town Fair Tire Foundation
Vermont Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund
Vermont Department for Children and Families

5: MENTOR Vermont Financials

For more information about MENTOR Vermont’s financials, visit the Annual Reports and Financials section.