National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month

Thank you for joining us in celebrating National Mentoring Month! Here are some quick links to highlights from this year’s festivities.

2018 Mentoring Celebration at the Statehouse

Mentoring Month Proclamation by Governor Phil Scott

Mentoring Month Resolution by the Vermont House of Representatives

National Mentoring Month 2018 

Resources for Mentoring Programs:
National Mentoring Month 2018 Toolkit for Mentoring Programs 

About the Campaign
: January is National Mentoring Month, a designated time each year to thank current mentors and recruit new volunteers. Here in Vermont, Mobius, Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership partners with mentoring programs and supporters around the state to organize local festivities and celebrate our collective efforts to develop a culture of mentoring, and provide support for young Vermonters in every corner of the state.

The theme of the national campaign this year was “Mentor In Real Life,” which allowed mentoring supporters and mentors to talk about the real-life benefits of mentoring. 


Who Organizes National Mentoring Month, Locally and Nationally?

Mobius organizes National Mentoring Month activities in Vermont, thanks to the continuing support of Redstone Commercial Group, and a wide range of other sponsors from the local business community. Nationally, the campaign is spearheaded by MENTOR (The National Mentoring Partnership), the Harvard School of Public Health, the Highland Street Foundation, and the National Basketball Association.


Thank You to Our 2018 Sponsors:

Lead Statehouse Event Sponsor:

redstone lead sponsor for vermont mentoring month 2017

Vermont Mentor of the Year Award Sponsor:

Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsors:

Cabot Creamery - Sponsor of Vermont Mentoring Month 2017
Rutland Regional Medical Center - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017
UVM Medical Center - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017

Mentoring Supporter Sponsors:

DR Power - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017

Heritage Aviation - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017

Union Mutual of Vermont - 2017 Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor


Local Muscle Movers - 2017 Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor Vermont Gas - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017

Burlington Furniture


National Sponsors:


MENTOR The National Mentoring Partnership